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‘The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today ‘
The rapid changes taking place in the world has touched every sphere of life and the field of education too has been influenced greatly by these rapid changes.  Parents and teachers of yesteryears never enjoyed the benefits and advantages the digital and technological age offers to their children and students today. They neverSkyped,Facebooked, Tweeted or YouTubed. Today’s students are fortunate to have powerful learning tools such as  Google, Social networks  the Internet etc., at their disposal that allow them to locate, acquire, and even create knowledge much more quickly than their predecessors.
Though acquiring new skills become important for individual success as well as for our nation’s growth ,  students, as always, will need to gain the ability to think, to use knowledge they have acquired to solve problems, and to attain a level of wisdom appropriate for their maturity. Although memorizing the multiplication tables will likely never go out of style, the emphasis of curriculum ‘has shifted’ from just acquiring factual knowledge to conceptual understanding and to skills needed to locate and use knowledge for any variety of purposes.  At Cochin Public Schoolwe realize the ‘Great Shifts,’ in modern classroom teaching and learning. In our endeavor to empower our students to become future leaders we keep a balance between curricular and extracurricular development and encourage them to develop a higher and more relevant level of thinking that includes creating, connecting and analyzing.
While imparting knowledge to our students we also believe in providing quality holistic education in a stress-free learning environment. Hence the school focuses on value education, good work-ethics and discipline.
Our vision is‘to ensure holistic education by providing the right ambience – a combination of academics, value education and physical education and right education to mould the best citizens for our country ’.  
I take this opportunity to appreciate and thank our parents and management for extending their unstinted support and cooperation to make all our endeavours in 2017 memorable and successful; and look forward to an even better year ahead in 2018.  
"Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past."                                                                                                                                                                    
Thank you and Best Wishes